Childhood Montage 成長片段

What is a Childhood Montage?

It is also commonly known as Wedding Childhood Video / Slideshow, Wedding Reception Slideshow or Growing Up Video 成長片段.

The montage is played before the newlyweds marching into the wedding reception, mostly in Asian's weddings.

It is the best channel for couples to showcase their personality, their stories, what have brought them together to that day and their love to families and friends.


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Ordering procedure

1. Choose your choice of Standard or Personalised option 

2. Fill in the order form provided

3. Upload all your images, song & logo to the link provided

4. First draft will be uploaded for your review

5. Video will be revised as per your requirement

6. Download finished video in both High Definition MP4 & DVD format

Video References

Standard - I Do

Standard - Simply Love

Custom-made - Colourful Theme

Custom-made - Photo Cutout & Animation

100th Day Birthday 百日宴 

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